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Address: 3 Tong Yin Lane, Tong Yin Street, Tseung Kwan O

[HKUST JCH = The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Jockey Club Hall] 

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Jockey Club Hall <-> HK International Airport

Transportation Route
Bus No. A29P Tseung Kwan O Station Terminal⇨ Airport (Terminal 1 and Terminal 2)
Bus No. E22A Tong Ming Court, Tong Ming Street ⇨ Airport (Terminal 1 and Terminal 2)
MTR Tseung Kwan O ⇨ North Point ⇨ Central ⇨ Hong Kong (Airport Express) ⇨ Airport

Jockey Club Hall <-> HKUST

Transportation Route

Bus No. 792M

Tong Ming Street ⇨ HKUST (North Gate)
MTR + Minibus No. 11M Tseung Kwan O Station ⇨ Hang Hau Station ⇨ Minibus 11M (Public Transport Interchange)  ⇨  HKUST (North Gate)

Regular JCH Shuttle Bus Service Schedule

Shuttle bus service between Jockey Club Hall and HKUST for Fall Term 2022 and Spring Term 2023.

1 Sep-31 Dec, 2022 & 1 Feb-31 May 2023

Monday - Friday (except public holidays)

Depart from JCH Depart from UST
8:00 am*  
8:25 am*  
8:45 am*  
9:30 am* 10:00 am
10:15 am* 10:35 am
11:00 am* 11:20 am
11:35 am 12:05 pm
12:35 pm 1:05 pm
1:35 pm 2:05 pm
2:35 pm 3:05 pm
3:35 pm 4:05 pm
4:35 pm 5:05 pm
5:35 pm 6:05 pm
6:35 pm 7:05 pm
7:35 pm 8:05 pm
8:35 pm 9:05 pm
9:35 pm 10:05 pm
  11:05 pm

*2nd drop-off point outside UST Tennis Court/CYT building (subject to traffic control on campus) for the first 6 buses from JCH


  1. The service is provided for HKUST Jockey Club Hall residents and hall staff use only. This service is available on a first-come-first-served basis for all JCH residents.
  2. Identity checking by the coach drivers on board will be applied.
  3. All passengers should wear a surgical mask on the bus.
  4. Anyone who fails to put the mask on or present the resident card issued by JCH upon boarding may be rejected from using the service.